Outdoor Adventure Accidents on the Rise

Outdoor adventure activities have become increasingly popular over recent years whether it be rock climbing, cycling, parachuting, other aeronautics, water sports or winter sports.

These activities are fun and thrilling but can also of course be dangerous and lead to injuries, and tragically at times these can be very serious injuries.

This year at Hilary Meredith Solicitors we’ve seen a marked increase in the number of claims arising from outdoor activity accidents so for this reason we have set up a dedicated website offering advice and help to those who have been unfortunate enough to need to make an outdoor activity accident compensation claim.

Our specialist Outdoor Accident Team has successfully pursued many outdoor adventure claims including an arctic expedition incident involving a polar bear attack, a bobsleigh accident, serious skiing and mountaineering accidents , cycling accidents , aeronautical including parachuting accidents, boating accidents and many more. When accidents occur, we have the expertise to help.

Visit our OutdoorAccident website to see how we can help you.