Parallels between wronged postmasters and army veterans

There are worrying parallels between the Post Office workers wrongly accused of theft, including postmaster Martin Griffiths who killed himself aged 59 after being driven to financial and emotional ruin as a result of the Horizon scandal, and those wrongly accused by the Iraq Historic Allegations Team.

Wouldn’t you think that common sense would prevail? How could all those longstanding postmasters all suddenly decide around the same time to commit the crime of theft?

My own postmaster in our local village was a strong part of our community. I witnessed his incredulous disbelief that someone could possibly think him capable of a crime. We locals signed a petition, we knew it couldn’t be true yet despite these efforts, no one in the post office system thought there could be another credible explanation.

As with my military clients wrongly accused of war crimes – so many arising suddenly from one conflict – no one sought to look for an alternative explanation.

In their case the alternative explanation came in the form of one lawyer, Phil Shiner who made up civil cases of abuse against the British military for financial gain, receiving millions of pounds in tax payer funded legal aid to purse thousands of cases against innocent soldiers.

I have witnessed the impact this has had on these brave soldiers, no longer the action men they were, many frail and broken.

The repeated investigations over years of prolonged anxiety and stress has taken its toll. They have never received an apology.

Nothing has changed save for an attempt at an Overseas Operations Bill which has actually curtailed the rights of serving soldiers if they are killed or injured overseas, placing them in a worse situation than if they had not served their country.

Why are we so bad and supporting those who serve us?

We need answers from the MoD. Why didn’t they believe their own and support them? Why did they hang them out to dry?

Hilary Meredith