Police crackdown on use of mobiles when driving has my full support

Police in England and Wales are conducting a week-long crackdown on motorists who use their mobile phones while driving.

The move follows government plans to double fines and points for using a mobile while driving – a move I fully support.

Recent court sentences illustrate that in-car mobile phone abuse isn’t a crime committed by a certain type or class of driver.  Drivers everywhere have to break the habit. There are enough distractions on the road as it is; talking on a mobile phone or texting is just too dangerous.

The vast majority of people would never drink and drive but the number who use their mobile phone while driving is on the increase.  We see the terrible outcome of this through our work with people who suffer terrible injuries in road traffic accidents.

Police will always check your phone if you are involved in an incident – even if it is not your fault. You do not want to be prosecuted or cause injury to others as a result of a split second decision to text someone.

Simply put your phone to silent and put it away before you get in the car.  It helps avoid the temptation to look then answer when that ping is heard.

Hilary Meredith