Professional negligence claims against personal injury solicitors

Professional negligence claims against personal injury solicitors are on the rise.

Perhaps, this is not surprising with unrealistic levels of fixed-costs introduced for cases worth less than £25,000 so law firms that predominantly deal with these claims are finding themselves having to provide the same level of service whilst coping with significantly reduced fees.

As a result there may be a temptation to cut costs by using under-qualified and/or insufficiently experienced staff to handle the cases and/or by placing too much reliance on computer based case management systems to determine how the case is run all of which may result in claimants not being advised properly on the value of claims leading to premature or inadequate settlements or missed time limits.

A reliance on under-qualified staff, lack of face-to-face contact with clients, a failure to understand what the case involves, a failure to obtain the appropriate medical evidence, a failure to include all the financial losses and expenses that have been incurred and missed time limits are very common reasons for the mistakes that we see other personal injury solicitors make.

At Hilary Meredith Solicitors, our team of legal professionals specialise in professional negligence claims against personal injury solicitors.

Professional negligence arises when solicitors do not do their job to the standard you would normally expect – and in personal injury claims, this covers a wide range of circumstances. Are you unhappy with the way your personal injury claim is going? Has your case settled but are you unhappy with the compensation you have received?  Has your solicitor mishandled your claim?

Because we are a specialist personal injury firm, we can identify the issues straight away.  Not only can we review your claim – and reopen it if necessary – we can also make a claim against your solicitor to get you the compensation you would have received had the mistake not been made.

Remember, your solicitor owes you a duty of care.  If you feel that your personal injury case has not been handled properly and that you have suffered financial loss as a result, you may be able to claim compensation and we can help you to do so.

It is important to act quickly though.  Time limits apply so if you think you have a claim against your solicitor, get in touch as soon as possible and the team at Hilary Meredith Solicitors will review your claim free of charge. Visit our dedicated Professional Negligence website to find out more.