Second Opinion

Are you unhappy with your Personal Injury Solicitor? When you choose a firm of solicitors to pursue your personal injury claim, you are putting your trust in the expertise and skill of the person who is responsible for your claim.

Many people assume that they cannot change things once their claim has been settled but this is not the case. If you feel that you have been a victim of solicitor’s negligence and have suffered a financial loss as a result of this then you can bring a Professional Negligence claim against them.

At Hilary Meredith solicitors we have years of experience of pursuing  claims against professionals in the personal injury field who have given bad advice or who have failed to perform their responsibilities to the required standard. We have an established reputation for our work in this field.

The common areas of complaint that lead to claims are:

  • Missed Time Limits – if your solicitor has missed a critical deadline meaning that you are no longer entitled to claim for compensation.
  • Under-Settlement – if your solicitor has understated the value of your claim and failed to assess the full extent of your injuries and/or financial losses as a result of your accident.
  • Failure to comply with a court order –if your solicitor has not complied with a court order resulting in your part or all of your claim being struck out.
  • Poor Advice on your Personal Injury claim – if your Solicitor has failed to provide you with accurate and effective advice and that as a consequence you lose the opportunity to pursue part or all of your claim or you suffer a detriment.
  • Suing the Wrong Defendant – if your solicitor pursues your claim against the wrong Defendant and that as a consequence you lose the opportunity to pursue part or all of your claim.
  • Failure to protect your entitlement to means tested benefits – if you recover damages and you lose your benefits as a result.

There is a 6 year time limit for bringing claims of this nature.  If you’re unhappy with your personal injury solicitor and would like us to review your claim then call to discuss your complaint free of charge with our award winning team on 0800 124 4444 or start your claim now.