Professional Negligence Claims Against Legal Advisors

When you instruct a firm of solicitors or other organisation to pursue your personal injury claim, you are putting your trust in the expertise and skill of the person who is responsible for your claim. You expect that person to handle your claim professionally and to be aware of all the rules and requirements that apply in the personal injury field. However, professionals, like anyone else, do make mistakes and in order to pursue a claim for professional negligence against your professional advisor you will have to prove that the advice you were given or the level of expertise and/or skill shown fell below the standard you should be able to expect of a reasonably competent personal injury practitioner.

If you can prove that another competent personal injury practitioner would have you given you different advice or that your advisor failed to show the appropriate level of expertise and skill then you can bring a claim for professional negligence against your advisor so long as you have suffered a financial loss as a consequence.

It can sometimes be difficult establishing that your advisor was negligent as opposed to being guilty of poor service which might not amount to negligence and/or that you have suffered financial loss as a result. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose a solicitor who understands how the law relating to professional negligence works in practice and who understands what evidence is needed to prove that your professional advisor was negligent and that this negligence has caused you a loss

At Hilary Meredith Solicitors Ltd we have years of experience of pursuing professional negligence claims against professionals in the personal injury field who have given bad advice or who have failed to perform their responsibilities to the required standard and we have an established reputation for our work in this field.

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