Proud to support Broughton House

I am proud to be supporting Broughton House as a Trustee of the charity.

Broughton House was originally founded under the name East Lancashire Home for Sailors and Soldiers in 1916 to care for soldiers and sailors who had been injured during the First World War. As a much-loved institution of Greater Manchester and the North West, Broughton House has served over 8,000 veterans. With over 500,000 veterans living in the North West and 46% of the veterans being over 85, Broughton House is committed to serving all those who have served us, regardless of their financial, physical, emotional, mental health and wellbeing needs.

Charitable Objectives
Broughton House has two distinct services for Veterans.
Firstly, it is a dual registered nursing home that provides both nursing and residential care to Veterans and their families, mainly from Greater Manchester and across the North West of England, to those that have served within either the Armed Forces or the Merchant Navy.
The second service is the Armed Forces Support Hub – an outreach service for Veterans and their families which was launched in December 2017 (situated within the existing building) and has already made a significant impact in the lives of ex-servicemen and women who need support on their transition from military to civilian life.
During the last three years, Broughton House has embarked on an ambitious strategic transformation to redevelop its existing site into the UK’s first Veteran Care Village that will be dynamic in delivering a Trinity of services, Nursing and Dementia Care, Military Hub and outreach services and a housing solution for Veterans of all ages and all conflicts, and their families. This redevelopment is estimated to cost approx. £14m.
The new Veteran Care Village has achieved full Planning Permission and the £11.4 million funding required to complete Phase 1a and 1b. Building for Phase 1 commenced in September 2018 and will provide a Registered 64 bed Nursing and Dementia facility that will also provide respite and rehabilitation. The offices for the Armed Forces Support Hub with supporting counselling facilities will be housed here. Phase 1 will also provide the first 6 of 30 veteran independent living apartments, a museum, rehabilitation gym, treatment rooms, veteran meeting facilities and Charity offices. The site in phase 1 will also deliver a memorial garden requested by Veteran organisations within Greater Manchester and grounds suitable for the disabled and those living with Dementia. Phase 1a will be completed by November 2019 as part of the strategic sustainability strategy of the Charity.
Phase 2 of the redevelopment will house a further 24 independent living apartments for both individuals and couples. Completion of Phase 2 will create a real intergenerational feel and allow younger and older veterans to socialise together.
Having represented the British military for over 30 years, I am full of admiration for the work that Broughton House does to ensure veterans and their families can live in the knowledge that support is on hand.
We should never forget those who live every day with the aging scars of war and I would like to pay tribute to everyone who supports Broughton House in transforming the lives of our veterans.
Hilary Meredith