‘Remember, Remember’ the Hilary Meredith Solicitors Bonfire Night Checklist


  • Consider how many people you will need at the event and how experienced they are. Delegate specific tasks for both planning and on the day depending on their skill set and availability.
  • Keep in mind the type of fireworks planned and look for any obstructions overhead – cables, trees etc. Clear all long grass.
  • Plan where spectators stand and check if there is parking available.
  • Consider the worst case scenario – who will you call if things go wrong, and who will make those calls? Maintain easy access for emergency vehicles and make sure all helpers are fully aware of all procedures in the event of an accident, e.g. if clothing catches alight – roll person over on the ground to put out the flames.
  • Ensure all fireworks are bought from a reputable and responsible supplier and they are legally sound (check out our ‘Regulations to consider’ section)


  • Re-check the site and all the arrangements. Schedule regular checks throughout the event to ensure everything is under control at all times.
  • Make sure all the helpers are fully briefed with the arrangements.
  • Never wear loose clothing that can easily catch alight or for example long dangly scarves.
  • Think about the weather, particularly wind speed and direction. If the weather changes, be prepared to change your plan accordingly.
  • Warn spectators not to bring their own fireworks to the event
  • Know and follow the Firework Code.



  • Make sure everyone leaves safely.
  • Ensure any bonfires are extinguished and thoroughly clean up and clear the site. Dispose of spent and unused fireworks safely.

Regulations to consider:

There are several specific regulations which apply to the selling and possession of fireworks.

The Firework Regulations 2004 state which fireworks may be sold to the general public and those which can only be sold to professional firework companies, known as Category 4 fireworks.

There are restrictions on the dates and times that fireworks may be set off – no fireworks allowed before 7am or after 11pm aside from on the first day of the Chinese New Year, the day following Diwali, New Year’s Day and the time is extended to 12 midnight on 5th November.

There are different noise levels for fireworks which apply to the general public and professional displays. Check these out and ensure you plan around them.