Salisbury Plain and military training

I have been acting on behalf of members of the armed forces and their families for over 27 years. The realistic and sad fact is that more injuries occur on manoeuvres whilst practising for war than on the actual battlefield.

Military manoeuvres have to be realistic and prepare men and women for the realities of combat.  However, risk assessments of these activities also have to be of the highest order when live ammunition is used and real threats to the safety of human life are in play.

We are currently covering the Brecon Beacons training Inquest where 3 young men lost their lives in one incident. Under any stretch of the imagination this cannot be acceptable.  And neither was last night’s Salisbury Plain accident where two people with life-threatening injuries have been flown to Southampton General Hospital and eight people with “serious injuries” to Salisbury.

Hilary Meredith