Servicemen and women will never get a fair deal if the MoD pushes ahead with its latest plans

The MoD wants to prevent military claims going to court.  If this happens, servicemen and women will never get a fair deal.

This is not compensation it is a military pension scheme. The MoD is attempting to remove duty of care and public scrutiny by suggesting the person who caused the injury or death will come up with the same amount as a court would award.  Really?

In all my years of dealing with the MoD they have never offered the right amount.  We, as specialist military lawyers, have had to fight and squeeze to get the correct payment from them.

How then will a bereaved widow or family or someone with life changing injuries know if the MoD have paid a sum in pension equivalent to what an experienced judge would award in compensation?

The MoD has said  there is no need for public scrutiny as they will impose a robust system.  In effect, they want to police themselves but  how can they be trusted or relied on when they have made so many dire mistakes in the past?  Why is the MoD different to any other employer?

Hilary Meredith