Sir John Chilcot – Obituary

There is a brilliantly written obituary on Sir John Chilcot in The Times today.

Sir John, the civil servant whose inquiry into the Iraq war condemned the Blair government, has died of kidney disease aged 82.

In 2016 Sir John delivered in a 2.6 million-word report, four times longer than War and Peace, and particularly in a 30-minute statement accompanying it, an excoriating verdict on the conduct of Blair and his government before the 2003 invasion and their failure to plan for its aftermath.

A softly spoken man, he found every arm of the Establishment wanting in a report that couldn’t have been stronger in the scale of its condemnation.

Sir John’s report reminded us all that the decision to go to war must always be a final step after exhausting all possibilities and with the full understanding and responsibility for the consequences and exit plan.

Hilary Meredith