It’s Snow Laughing Matter

Winter is almost upon us and the next few months are likely to see over one million British skiers and snowboarders take to the slopes. Whilst there is little that can be done about a lack of snow, a few simple precautions will drastically reduce the risk of injury. Statistically skiing and snowboarding are relatively safe activities but accidents do occur and if you are injured it may not only bring your eagerly anticipated and expensive holiday to an end it could also prove to be very expensive in terms of foreign medical treatment, repatriation and time off work. Whilst other parties including tour operators, equipment hirers and manufacturers and resort owners have a responsibility to protect our safety, if mistakes are made then the results of a skiing injury can be devastating.

So to make sure that you remember your time on the slopes for all the right reasons here are a few basic rules for you to follow:

  • Get your body in better shape before you go
  • Make sure you get adequate Insurance Cover
  • Know what you are paying for and what’s included in your package holiday
  • Purchase or hire the correct equipment from a reputable company
  • Wear a helmet
  • Take professional instruction
  • Do not ski or snow board off piste without a local qualified guide


In conclusion skiing and snowboarding are relatively safe activities and if you follow these tips you will not only have a great time, you will also significantly reduce the risk of being injured but should anything go wrong you will then have the comfort of knowing that you don’t have to worry about how you will pay your medical and other expenses. Should you be unfortunate enough to need to pursue a personal injury claim from your skiing experience then at Hilary Meredith we will fight to achieve the best outcome for your skiing injury claim. Because of our own personal experiences we have a better understanding of the issues arising out of a skiing accident and we know what action to take to make a difference.

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