South Yorkshire Police and the imbalance in justice

South Yorkshire Police spent at least £2.1m on legal fees representing its suspended Chief Constable David Crompton during the Hillsborough Inquests, the BBC has discovered.

Mr Crompton’s barrister alone was paid over £1m to represent him.  South Yorkshire Police have previously confirmed the total cost of the Hillsbrough Inquest reached £25.1m – of which £20.8m was paid for by the Home Office and £4.3m was paid by the force itself.

At present, there is no legal aid available for families at Inquests.  This is wrong.

In the Hillsborough Inquest – and many others – lawyers for the families would have kept the defence costs in check by driving the case forward, requesting early disclosure of relevant evidence and routing out the truth of the matter far earlier.

How can our justice system really believe this is a fair hearing?

In a move I agree with, Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham has called for the creation of a “Hillsborough Law” which would ensure legal funding for bereaved families at inquests where police are involved.


Hilary Meredith