To Prevent Non-Freezing Cold Injuries (NFCI)

Due to recent press interest in Non-Freezing Cold Injuries (NFCIs) affecting military personnel, we have compiled a list of recommendations for those who are serving or are about to serve in areas where the conditions could encourage the onset of NFCIs:


  • Limit exposure
  • Keep feet and hands as dry as possible
  • Regular hot food and drink
  • Early recognition of symptoms, evacuation and treatment
  • Report incidents properly to help identify clusters of cases
  • Most importantly, be aware of the early signs of cold injury

Last year a parliamentary select committee heard that hundreds of military personnel are injured every year because the MoD fails to follow its own safety rules. Those who are diagnosed with NFCI will be placed on restricted employment and sheltered from cold and damp conditions and be unlikely to be able to be fully deployed.

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Strict time limits apply to this type of claim, as with all personal injury claims and it is vital that you obtain prompt legal advice. In particular, if you are facing a medical discharge or a decision about your Military career, it is vital that you obtain prompt and specialist advice.