Travel Only When Necessary: The Hazards Of Winter Roads

The effect of Winter weather on roads, travel and public safety. Incidents that have occurred since the onset of Wintry weather and a look into advices on staying safe when venturing out.

With the beauty of ice and the splendour of freshly fallen snow come dangers and hazards seen at no other time of the year. These picturesque scenes can soon become the sites of road traffic accidents or tripping accidents.

Across Britain daily routines are being forced to change; commuters are being urged to travel only when absolutely necessary to avoid the increased risk of serious injury, employers are closing their businesses earlier and numerous schools have closed their doors entirely. But sadly despite the precautions being taken nationwide, the freezing weather conditions have already claimed several lives.

Unfortunately for Great Britain, predictions have come true and we have seen an ever-changing mixture of snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures bringing in the end of January 2013; and unhappily, history shows that many will have become victim to personal injury as a result of this treacherous weather. In 2009, due to hazardous weather and poor road conditions, 24,054 people suffered fatal or serious injury with 139,500 suffering minor personal injury. In 2008, the total number of those who suffered personal injury as a result of road traffic collisions was 170,591. Recent news has included the tragic death of four people in the Scottish Highlands following an avalanche.
Such precautionary measures as wearing sensible footwear, venturing out only when necessary and wearing high visibility clothing can all help toward reducing the risk of suffering personal injury. When travelling by car, keeping extra blankets and water with you and ensuring you have enough charge on your mobile telephone to make an emergency call will come in useful if you break down or are involved in an accident.

But it is not all doom and gloom. The cold snap provides a perfect setting for children to enjoy sledging and snowman building and who knows, if the snow keeps coming people could even save themselves some money and not have to go abroad for that ever important half term skiing trip! No doubt photographers have also enjoyed capturing the true beauty of Winter’s wonderland as well.

The wintry scene should be enjoyed but whilst there can be fun there must also be prudence. To avoid suffering personal injury simply take care; allow more time for making journeys, clear snow and ice wherever you can and ensure your motor vehicle is properly equipped for travelling in wintry conditions. Businesses and Councils can only do so much to ensure you do not suffer personal injury.

No one sets out to be the victim of personal injury and serious injury of any kind is never easy to endure so please, do all that you can this Winter to take precaution against becoming a statistic. Most importantly of all enjoy this Winter however you can.

From us all at Hilary Meredith Solicitors have a very safe Winter 2013.