Trophy photos not all that they seem

It is a great shame that Phil Shiner is allowed to continue with these allegations of mistreatment by the British Army.

I have discussed the so called “trophy” photos with military personnel. The “thumbs up” sign next to an Iraqi deceased body seems to me not be a trophy sign but merely confirmation that this person has sadly died and no longer poses a threat.

As to the taking of the photograph I have a theory. Years ago soldiers kept war diaries and made sketches of what they had seen as a way of recording details and images as a matter of record.

In today’s world is not the mobile phone the modern war diary? It is unfortunate that it has come into the public domain but again this is a sign of our times with the internet and rapid communications.

I was aware of photographs taken in Gulf War 1 – some horrific – but they became vital evidence in building the case for Gulf War Syndrome and PTSD as an evidential record of exposures to the horrors of war.

As an ex soldier told me, you don’t join the army to kill people but to protect and if you can serve your time without taking a life all the better.

by Hilary Meredith.