Troubles troops amnesty – latest thoughts

Recent reports in The Guardian suggest that Northern Ireland’s human rights commissioner has warned the government it is at risk of breaching the law with “puzzling and troublesome” plans to limit prosecutions of British soldiers who served during the Troubles.

In a letter, Les Allamby said he had told ministers he had “deep initial concerns” about how their plans could satisfy European convention article 2 rights to a proper investigation where deaths involve the state.

This is a very complex and difficult issue and not one that can be easily resolved but our armed forces need to know that they can protect our nation without the threat of vexatious and fraudulent claims rearing their head years later.

The damage done by the likes of tank-chasing lawyer Phil Shiner has caused panic and a re-examination of time limits for prosecutions in battle conditions without disregarding human rights legislation. This is a truly mammoth task.

If war crimes or breaches of conventions have been made there should be a swift and transparent, fair trial. Not a prosecution decades later when memories have faded and evidence is diluted.

Hilary Meredith