Truth will out

MP Johnny Mercer today asked “what the hell’s going on?” as it emerged that a member of the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) had been sacked for impersonating a police officer.

A second similar allegation was also currently under investigation, the defence sub-committee was told.

It was also confirmed that one member of the controversial inquiry was immediately dismissed after being found asleep in the office – while another of the team was let go after concerns were raised over the accuracy of her CV.

The details came as Mr Mercer and fellow MPs quizzed Naval Commander Jack Hawkins, deputy head of IHAT, and the team’s director

Mark Warwick.

Cdr Hawkins confirmed that in 2011 “an individual was let go for impersonating a police officer” while trying to gain access to an Army base.

He added: “He was picked up by guards from the Ministry of Defence Police. He was charged and punished.”

Today’s developments, while unsurprising, are nothing short of disgraceful.  It is a national scandal.

Everything we have been saying – and everything my clients have been telling me – is now ringing true.

It is of course right that if there are allegations they should be investigated but the way in which IHAT has gone about this is


Whether innocent or guilty (and in the case of our brave troops the VAST MAJORITY are innocent men and women who were risking their lives for their country) everyone deserves support, access to a lawyer and to be treated humanely.  How long is the government going to let this madness continue?

Hilary Meredith