Veterans’ Office is a giant leap forward

I am delighted Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is to establish Britain’s first dedicated veterans’ office with the aim of stopping the legal witch-hunt against our troops.

Conservative MP Johnny Mercer, a former Army officer and frontline soldier, was yesterday appointed veterans minister working across the Cabinet Office and Ministry of Defence.

The idea is that he will be able to oversee all veterans’ issues across Government, including housing, mental health support and finding work.

It is understood Mr Johnson will also work to enshrine the military covenant in law.

Having brought historic, false allegations to the attention of Mr Mercer he has worked tirelessly and against opposition to stand up for the rights of our service personnel and veterans. He is absolutely the right choice for this newly created role.
At Hilary Meredith Solicitors, we will support Mr Mercer in any way we can. Commenting in today’s Daily Mail our Ambassador, Brian Wood, said:

“It is important to have someone feeding Boris information from veterans. Johnny is the right fit. He has campaigned tirelessly on the Iraq Historical Allegations Team. He was also the only MP to meet me face to face. I will support him in any way I can moving forwards.”

With Mr Mercer now appointed as Britain’s first veterans minister, let’s stop the legal witch-hunt against our troops.

Hilary Meredith