Wear your poppy with pride

Why have we this year suddenly mixed the poppy, a great symbol of remembrance, with politics and racial issues? Where has our innocence and national pride gone?

I remember at school when the first poppies came on sale and everyone arrived excitedly with their pennies to buy one. Why are now ruining the memory of the poppy?

The story of why we wear poppies dates back to the First World War. In 1915, Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae lost his friend in the battle of Ypres. As he was grieving the loss of comrade Lieutenant Alexis Helmer, he spotted scores of poppies growing in the battle-torn fields. This poignant sight inspired him to write In Flanders Fields, one of the most famous war poems of all time.

Following the First World War, the poppy was then adopted as a symbol of remembrance.

By wearing a poppy, you aren’t just remembering the fallen: you’re supporting a new generation of veterans and Service personnel that need our support.

Yes, of course, we would like there to be no wars but maybe wearing the red poppy will remind us of the great sacrifices that war brings and consider, next time, whether the sacrifice is really worth it?

Hilary Meredith