Military Law Testimonials

“After transferring my file from another firm of Solicitors who did not specialise in Non Freezing Cold Injuries (NFCI’s), Simon Quinn, within 9 months of instruction achieved a settlement in my claim of £100k (Net). Simon was professional, friendly and explained everything to me using non legal jargon at every step of my claim. I would recommend Simon Quinn at Hilary Meredith Solicitors to any of my friends and family should they require a Solicitor in the future.”
Mr Nick Smith (May 2020)

‘Thanks you very much for all the hard work you put into this. I know you are getting paid but you have been amazing throughout this case and a very honest person.’
Mr F, Ex-Lance Corporal, British Army

‘I take this opportunity to express appreciation and the patience you treated me with since this beginning. Gratitude for your diplomacy.’
Mr Farouk Kasale

‘Thank you so much to all your team. The help provided throughout was outstanding. A special thank you to Charlotte Bateson, very professional, kind and thoughtful from start to finish’. (AFCS claim)
Mr Carl Hallmark

“Thank you so far – still another claim on-going so hopefully we can get another positive result”. (AFCS claim)
Mr Ian Griffiths

“Very good service from Clare, Hannah and the team. A very good outcome and I will be recommending yourselves to other servicemen and veterans” (sent to Clare Stevens)
Mr Paul Case

“Hi Grant. I just wanted to let you know I will be finalising a house……I also took my daughter to Peppa Pig World and she loved every minute of the weekend. It’s all thanks to you my life is set in stone. Thank you so much again you have changed my life. Many thanks again.”

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Always kept me informed and believed in my case when others didn’t.”
Ms Stephanie McGowan

“Hilary Meredith Solicitors fought a tough battle on my behalf for an industrial illness I have sustained whilst serving in Afghanistan. I never though the MoD would admit responsibility but in the end I was awarded a substantial compensation. Thank you”

Mr Matthew Coe v Ministry of Defence

“I am very happy with the outcome of the claim. I thought you have been exceptionally great throughout the whole process.”

CKO; Cfn

“Gary, I don’t think you would remember me but you won a claim for me against the MOD. The money I received helped me achieve my dream and become a Dr of Business (DBA). It completely changed my life for the better. I wanted to say thank you as you never gave up on my case. If I could ever help you in some way please let me know. Thanks again.”
Dr Paul Allan, Sheffield Hallam University

“Grant, your work has changed the lives of myself and family. Thank you”
Mr Patrick McLaughlin v Ministry of Defence

“I can’t thank you all enough. My life I feel has already changed for the better.  I have my confidence back; my smile. Thank you for everything”
Mr Michael Revell v Ministry of Defence

“Thank you very much. You did a great job and I’ m very proud of you, well done”
Mr Themba Paulus Gulashe v Ministry of Defence

“I sustained a serious injury from a flying accident caused by the negligence of others. In addition to the immediate effects of the injuries, my flying career and future aspirations came to an abrupt end and devastating end. Hilary Meredith was able to recover substantial compensation for my injuries and losses. I have no hesitation in endorsing her professional expertise that has enabled me to re-build a lifestyle and career.”
Sq Leader Ivor Walker – RAF

“Hilary Meredith-Beckham represented me during my claim for compensation following my involvement in a horrific accident. During this time I found that I was able to concentrate on my rehabilitation, getting back to normal health and adapting to the changes in family life without the worries of my legal case taking priority. We were kept up-to-date of development in my case regularly and found that the service offered to us was friendly, relaxed and very professional. If I were to require legal representation in the future Hilary Meredith would be the first solicitor I would call.”
Cp Keith Harness – British Army

“I served a bright, fit and lively 11 years with paras. I went from being a Section Commander in the Airborne role, to being a Team Commander in Northern Ireland, as well as being a Search Team Commander. My life was turned upside down overnight after suffering a closed head injury which was sustained after completing a boxing bout. Once it was determined that I could no longer meet the physical standards it was decided that I should be discharged from service.

Hilary Meredith Solicitors fought my corner to get compensation as a result of receiving permanent and life changing injuries. The outstanding hard work and extensive research from Hilary Meredith Solicitors ensured a successful result and I was awarded the case and compensation. The case was completed in 1998 and I am still in contact with Hilary and feel very privileged to know her and her staff. After all the good they have done me, I wish Hilary Meredith Solicitors all the best for the future and thank them for fighting my corner.”
Pete Markie, Paratrooper – 3rd Battalion of the Parachute Regiment

“The team from Hilary Meredith Solicitors dealt with my case in a highly professional manner from start to finish. I was constantly kept updated regarding the latest situation of my case by which ever means of communication suited my circumstances. They treated me as a person and not just another case. I would not hesitate to use them again if the requirement ever arose.”
BM – Royal Navy

M v Ministry of Defence Police & Guarding Agency
A Police Officer, currently serving as a Sergeant (Sgt) in the Ministry of Defence’s Police & Guarding Agency, has recently recovered £8,000.00 in a claim against his employer for Noise Induced Hearing Loss.
Sgt M has served as a Police Officer in the MOD’s Police and Guarding Agency since 1985.  As a Firearms Officer, Sgt M was required to undergo regular firearms training, usually every 3-6 months, where he would fire his issued weapons on firing ranges.  In November 2008, Sgt M attended his GP Surgery complaining of hearing loss. A Consultant ENT Surgeon performed an audiometric test which indicated a pattern of hearing loss that was suggestive of noise-related hearing loss.  Sgt M approached Hilary Meredith Solicitors in March 2009 and they commenced a claim against the Defendant.  It disclosed extensive documentation relating to noise levels of the various weapons fired and the hearing protection provided which had to fully reviewed and considered.  A medical report of a Consultant ENT surgeon was produced in support of his claim which confirmed the diagnosis of noise induced hearing loss. After disclosing this report to the Defendant’s representatives, a settlement was agreed in the sum of £8,000.00 and the case was settled before formal Court proceedings were commenced.
Sgt M commented that ” Hilary Meredith Solicitors provided an excellent service throughout my case.”

In 2005, I, James Dick was involved in a serious parachuting accident in the USA whilst on a training exercise with my current employers the Royal Air Force. “I suffered serious injuries to my neck which eventually led me to be medically downgraded and unable to parachute, moreover, I suffered a considerable loss of earnings and have been left with a permanent medical condition which still causes me some discomfort.  I decided to take legal action against the MoD and was recommended to use Hilary Meredith Solicitors so, instructed them to act on my behalf in June 2006.
I was extremely impressed with Gary Boyd and with the amount of background information he gathered about the case before contacting me. From the outset I found him thoroughly professional, easily approachable and was glad that he was representing me. His diligent and meticulous approach to gathering information in preparation for the trial was always evident and he kept me informed of progress at every juncture.
The case was settled out of court in December 2009 and it was due to the hard work of Hilary Meredith Solicitors that I feel the right outcome was achieved”.
James Dick, Flt Sgt – RAF