Why I fully support the Public Authority (Accountability) Bill

Bereaved families faced with inquiries and inquests will receive parity of funding with public bodies under the proposed ‘Hillsborough law’ to be debated in parliament tomorrow.
Labour MP Andy Burnham will introduce the bill under the ‘10-minute’ rule allowing backbenchers to make his or her case for a new bill in a speech lasting up to 10 minutes. An opposing speech may also be made before the house decides whether or not the bill should be introduced.   Calls for new legislation followed a two-year second inquest into the 1989 Hillsborough tragedy, in which 96 football supporters died.
Over the years I have represented numerous families against the might of the Ministry of Defence.  We have had to beg and plead for favours from Counsel to act Pro Bono so families can have proper representation, when they have been denied legal aid.  This Bill is so important to all those bereaved families who have had to represent themselves especially in complex cases whilst still grieving and trying to get to the bottom of the truth.
I would therefore urge MPs to support the Public Authority (Accountability) Bill when it is presented to Parliament tomorrow.
Hilary Meredith