Why I support the new ID card for armed forces veterans

I fully support the introduction of a new ID card for armed forces veterans, which will help them access specialist support and services.
Any personnel who have left the military since December 2018 will automatically be given one of the new ID cards, which will allow them to maintain a tangible link to their career in the forces.
All other veterans will be able to apply for a new ID card by the end of this year, to mark their time in the armed forces.
The cards allow veterans to easily verify their service to the NHS, their local authority, and charities, helping them to access support and services where needed. In the months ahead, I hope further benefits are added such as service discounts for veterans on production of their card.
The new ID card scheme, which I suggested a number of years ago, is a welcome development. Service in our armed forces needs to be recognised and honoured back on Civvy Street.