Why sickness records in resorts do not always match up with claims being pursued

There are reports today that travel association ABTA has met with officials from the Ministry of Justice to discuss gastric illness compensation claims made through UK claims management companies.
ABTA states that it has evidence showing that the significant increase in gastric illness claims does not match with recorded sickness levels in resorts.
These claims have to be supported by medical evidence from independent experts and in our experience  experts will not support a claim without objective evidence that the claimant has suffered an illness whilst in resort. This evidence can be contemporaneous records of treatment, prescriptions, independent witness statements and / or test results.

There may be very good reasons why sickness records in resorts do not match up with  the number of claims being pursued. Not all those who fall ill will seek treatment because of language barriers, potential cost and unfamiliarity with the local healthcare system. Many will instead self-medicate using over the counter  medication and wait until they return home before going to see their GP.

Sometimes the headline figures only tell half the story.

Steve Ireland