Why we must protect Northern Ireland Veterans

Former British soldiers, who served in Northern Ireland up to the signing of the Belfast Agreement in 1998, should be protected by a Statute of Limitations preventing further investigation and prosecution of incidents which occurred between almost 20 and almost 50 years ago. So says the Defence Committee in its report, “Investigations into fatalities in Northern Ireland involving British military personnel.”

British soldiers, acting under orders during the troubled times in Northern Ireland, were there to combat terrorism. Wherever there are extremists throughout the world we rely on our military to protect us. Having represented the military for over 25 years I have only known them as the most professional and courageous men and women I have been privileged to represent.

As under the current IHAT investigation thousands have been subject to false accusation by testimony which has proved to be false.

Our military need protection from post conflict accusations, the framework of support we have campaigned for is just one element of this, time limits on historic cases has to be the next step.

Hilary Meredith