Why we welcome David Cameron’s war on witch hunt lawyers

Today’s breaking news:


–           PM has ordered changes to legal aid, no-win no-fee cases and civil courts

–           In unprecedented move, David Cameron also threatened to sue a law firm

–           Part of bid to stop witch-hunt against soldiers who were ‘doing their jobs’

–           No 10 source: ‘The Prime Minister is deeply concerned at the large number of spurious claims being made against members of our Armed Forces’


My thoughts:

At last the Government and David Cameron have stepped in to cut off funds at source and to stop witch hunt against our servicemen and women.

Our publicly funded legal aid system is long overdue an overhaul.

In particular it should only be available to UK taxpayers and it should not operate a system where lawyers are paid for losing a case.

The Government brought in no win no fee.   It means lawyers are only paid if they win. It is a complex system which does need review but the basics work and force lawyers to only take on cases they feel will succeed, therefore stopping spurious claims.

Time limits operate in all areas of the law for good reason so why are they not in operation here?


We have rules of engagement and conventions to follow in war time operations and these are sufficient. The human rights legislation wa brought in after WWII’s atrocities. It is a very important bit of European legislation but which of late has been abused by the few.


Hilary Meredith and Grant Evatt