Working With Mum, By CEO Hilary Meredith

When I first set up on my own there were only 3 of us and I couldn’t afford a receptionist so my mum agreed to help out. Now 10 years on she is still on our reception – at the age of 84. She drives to work every Friday and is the highest paid part time receptionist in THE WORLD!

Of course we have had our teething problems, running round from behind reception and kissing me every time I walked into reception was a bit of a  problem and very embarrassing for me! We had to put a stop to this and provide constant reminders that I am the boss at work, meaning hugs must be kept to a minimum!

In an effort to help my mum we gave her a small company car. What we didn’t tell her was that we had the firm’s logo printed all over it but at least no one dares bump into her! Her little legs are a bit short for the car so we have had to give her a few cushions to sit on so she can drive it!

She is though very proud of me and has kept a scrapbook since the day we opened of every member of staff we have employed, all our Christmas parties and social events and the office as it once was – a big open space with very few people in it! It’s good to be reminded of where we started and all we have achieved.

No doubt my mum will tell you she is always being told off for doing the crossword behind reception – she is constantly being caught out by me despite the fact that she tries to hide the paper but I know what she is up to! She has stopped asking clients what the answer to 9 down is though!

She has also been told if she arrives at 12.30 she can’t then go and do her weekend shop in working hours, she of course completely ignores this and does it anyway!

It is great to have her on board – the staff love her and she is the office confidante – which can be quite annoying for me, as she won’t ever breach a confidence even though I am her daughter! Our receptionist is the best anyone could hope for.

– Hilary.

Hilary in centre, with the team and her mum, right hand corner.