Young professionals netball league – match report

Last night saw team HMS play Freeths in the Manchester Young Professionals Netball League. Having analysed Freeths’ earlier results and having noticed what a tall team we were up against, HMS knew we would have to be on form with our tactics in order to secure a win against a tough team. Fortunately we had our pick of players and we were able to have 2 subs as well.

The HMS line up for the first half consisted of Kerry as centre, Lisa, Jade and Amanda in defence and Yaz, newcomer Rebecca-Tyrell Moran (Beki), and Hannah in attack. Kirsty and Terri sat out to watch and consider any tactics we could deploy later on in the game.

The first centre was taken by HMS. It was immediately clear that both teams were evenly matched although HMS got off to a quick start with Hannah and Beki scoring 3 between them following agile play from the midfield through Lisa, Yaz and Kerry. The HMS defence were doing superbly in counteracting the Freeths attack. However, there was a definite height advantage in the Freeths attack which soon began to pay off and the Freeths goals started increasing quickly with HMS not being able to prevent them as successfully as we had liked, despite Amanda and Jade giving it their all in the Freeths attacking circle. Terri swapped with Jade to come on as Goal Defence to assist Amanda in fending off Freeths and we managed to take advantage of every opportunity we could to regain HMS possession and take Freeths by surprise with our speed up through Kerry, Lisa and Yaz for Beki and Hannah to score. The first half ended with the whistle being blown at 9-5.

We decided to change formation at half time with Beki moving into defence in order to try and add some height against the Freeths shooters. Yaz moved into a shooting position with Hannah whilst Kerry remained in centre. Kirsty came on as Wing Attack and Lisa remained as Wing Defence. The plan was for Terri and Jade to come on after 10 minutes.

In the second half the HMS formation was clearly working well. The defence team were on fire! Amanda, Beki, Lisa and Kerry were snatching the ball away from Freeths, punching it out of play and grabbed as many missed shots by their shooters as possible. The HMS team got momentum and Hannah and Yaz were able to score at every opportunity enabling HMS to start to break away gaining a lead on Freeths. It was a very tough lead to maintain and Freeths were going for the win so we decided to keep the team as it was to try and secure the win and made no substitutions. Fortunately the call paid off and the HMS team proved too powerful for Freeths!

The final score was 18-14 to HMS – a fantastic win against a good team!

Well done ladies and congratulations to Beki who I am pleased to say was the umpire’s choice for player of the match, or ‘girl of the game’ this week!



Hannah Ashcroft